Our Mission

Servicing Our Youth With Love

Here at Ninety Days of Love it involves much more than just fulfilling a youth’s basic needs – it’s about building a foundation of safety and trust. Our first step is to address their immediate needs – a warm meal, a shower, and the chance to sleep in a bed and to wear clean clothes. 

  • Referrals 
  • Consulting Services 
  • Mentoring Programs 
  • Unconditional Love & Guidance 
  • Social services by Dedicated Professionals 
Nearly 25,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 21 must leave foster care each year.

Not many shelters aid youth ages 18-24. Our goal is to break the cycle of Age-Out Foster Care Youth suffering on the streets once and for all.

Approximately 25% of former foster youth nationwide reported that they had been homeless within 2 to 4 years of exiting foster care.

Our Vision

Assisting Youth In Their Transition to Self Sufficiency


Our Vision is to Help Provide:

  •  Education and job search assistance and individual job development that matches youth with specific school programs or employers. 
  • Training that addresses vocational skills deficiencies (classroom training, on-the-job training, education services or apprenticeships. 
  • Credential assistance that helps with obtaining licenses and certifications. 

We are passionate about developing programs to assist Age-Out Foster Care Youth in their transition to self sufficiency. 


  • We offer free and confidential advice to small and medium-sized organizations, designed to improve the capacity of foster care providers. 
  • With the help of our expert professionals, we provide individualized treatment & support to help youth with complex emotional or behavioral challenges. 

There Are Many Ways You Can Help

Sponsor A Youth

Sponsor an Age-Out Foster Care Youth as they transition to self sufficiency.

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Volunteer A Event

Find out all the ways you can volunteer to support the foster care community.

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Partner With Us

Partner with us as not only an advocate, but as a driving force for change.

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